Save the Whales


The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society  first established in 1987, is a leading global charity that is dedicated to defending whales as well as dolphins from the threats they face including: hunting, captivity, pollution, climate change as well as entanglement in fishing nets and ship collisions.Working together with SEA LIFE,  campaign to stop the threats, educate and inform the public and support and advise governments and organizations on important issues surrounding the whale, backed up by scientific, legal and ethical arguments.Despite there being an international ban on commercial whaling, since 1986 30,000 whales have been killed. Japan, Norway and Iceland kill more than 2,000 whales each year for their meat and the international trade in whale products is expanding, there is also a growing pressure for the ban to be lifted together with SEA LIFE are fighting for a final end to whaling, deeming it cruel, unsustainable and unnecessary.

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As well as working to stop illegal whaling SEA LIFE along with  believe that whales should not be kept in captivity of any kind. The captivity industry threatens whale populations in the wild and inflicts cruelty on thousands of individual whales as they suffer; confined in an natural environment and unable to roam freely, forced to live a life of deprivation. Don’t worry if you have missed any of these events though as there are still things you can do to support the whales and the work that  do whether you donate money, sponsor a whale or become a ber. The Walk for Whales event which starts from the 11 SEA LIFE Sanctuaries in the UK.

Help Save the UK Dolphins

Everyone loves a dolphin. You, me, the woman across the street. In fact, try and find me somebody who doesn’t love dolphins! But did you know that you could actually help save their lives quite simply by adopting them online.We actually have some dolphins living around the UK, like the each bottle nose dolphin that live off the coast of Scotland and can be seen regularly around the Island of Isl ay. These delightful little creatures are at threat due to entanglement in fishing nets, making their numbers drop rapidly. In fact, almost 300,000 die every year because of this, and their needs to be a solution to see rises in their number

Help to improve the management of the seas around Scotland and the surrounding areas where dolphins live via the UK Marine and Coastal Access Act. Build new dams on the Amazon and Mekong rivers to help water flows to mini mis their impact on the environment. A large number of river dolphins call these vast expanses of water home, and need as much care and attention as any other animal on the planet.Help promote ways to reduce the most fatal reason why so many dolphins die across the globe, through fishing nets. Known as hundreds of thousands of dolphins die every year in fisherman’s nets. Charities use your donations to encourage the use of selective fishing gear that can help save the lives of so many dolphins across the globe.

You Can Help to Save Dolphins

Dolphins, with their smiling faces and playful habits, have always been a favorite of man, and a major attraction at zoos and marine parks.Talk about dolphins in the USA and people think of  cute dolphins doing performances at Sea World. Talk about dolphins in Japan and the people think of food.In  Japan, where dolphin meat is a delicacy, at least 14 500 dolphins are killed every year to supply meat to the local markets. People in a rural town in Japan say it is their culture to eat dolphins. The dolphins near the Japanese coastline face a cruel fate. Dolphin drive hunting is a method of hunting the dolphins. Dolphins are attention seakers.

They are highly social and intelligent mammals and enjoy the company of humans. This make the dolphins a easy target for the fishermen.The Cove, directed by Louie Psihoyos, is a documentary film about the annual killing of  dolphins in the National Park in Tai. Everyone needs to see this movie, because it will inspire you to do something to help save the dolphins. The dolphins near the Japanese coastline face a cruel fate. Dolphin drive hunting is a method of hunting the dolphins. Boats are used to drive the dolphins together. To prevent the dolphins from escaping, the route to the open sea is closed off and the only way for the dolphins is to swim into a bay or onto a beach.